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Saturday 11 January 2020

Our first patrol for 2020.  I am glad to be patrolling again.  Been out of it because of my operation, but I am getting better slowly but surely.  Our patrol started off nicely.  Had an incident where a member of the community actually told us to leave the area and go patrol in our own area?  I confronted the gentleman who was adamant that we need to leave he will take care of patrolling.  We apparently intimidate and harass people.  Upon asking his name, and where he stayed he refused unless I identified myself, which I did.  He then changed his attitude.  It seemed that Belmont park nhw are being confused with other Nhw’s patrolling our area. Later the evening we actually ran into two other NHW’s patrolling our area! Also remember a Neighbourhood watch patroller must produce Identification.  The car must be marked clearly that it is a patrol vehicle etc.

The rest of the night was pretty quiet.  We were able to assist a gentleman and his girlfriend who experienced car trouble.  I gave them our contact details.  They were pretty happy for our assistance and that we went the extra mile in assisting them.

The other problem that we have noticed is that we in Belmont park are actually attracting “Skarrelaars”.  The quickest way to get rid of stuff that we do not want is to put it outside on the pavement.  We actually confirmed this with one of the regular skarrelaar.  He said he comes here because residents are putting things on the pavement and sometime they throw stuff on the field.  Old clothes he washes and utensils that he found he sells it.

So, people, think about it the next time you put something outside your yard.

Friday 14 December 2019

All the Sector NHW’s came together for an all night patrol.  We were also assisted by the security companies in the sector.  We decided to have a braai while we were at it.  No major incidents except maybe for an accident on the N1.  In Belmontpark we had an incident with a couple who wished to show their love for each other in public.  Were upset about our intervention, but in the end they complied.

We also had bicycles and those members who wished to patrol joined the patrol as well.

We ended the patrol the next morning at 6am.


Saturday 7 December 2019

Been a while since I have been on patrol, due to surgery.  I was ready for a nice footpatrol by Block centre and surrounding shops.  However it turned out that we were rather going to patrol the area with the police van.

We came upon a scene where we though someone was burning electric cables.  It turned out that someone deliberately set the fire.  Seem it is their way of cleaining the place, just behind Shoprite in Voortrekker Roard.

We also happened to visit an open day for children.  The organisers informed the children agains crime and drugs and to stay away from it all. 


On Saturday 30 November 2019

Our members patrolled jointly with Peerless Park East and Scottsdene as well as Peerless Park West

Friday 22 November 2019

It has been a while since I have been on patrol.  Fortunately there is a reason for that.  I had to undergo surgery and is out of action for at least another month.  This does not mean my colleagues cannot patrol 🙂 Belmontpark went on patrol and unfortunately was contacted by one of our resedents to assist with a stabbing victim.  The situation was tense, but was brought under control. 

Saturday 14 September 2019

Our patrol started out with two members until another member joined us min later.  The neighbourhood was pretty quiet. We came upon an accident scene in 2nd ave, but the drivers involved came to a peaceful agreement.

Our next encounter was not so peaceful.  We tried to remedy the situation but with no success.  Was able to keep them calm without any fist fights. They then leave, but we noticed they just moved the problem around the corner and we intervened again.The situation started to get out of hand and I used the NAMOLA (click to access site) APPLICATION for assistance and the controller dispatched the police who handled the situation further.


Just to note, all the people involved were under the influence of liquor, at least they had designated drivers that was sober unlike the culprit that caused the whole situation.

Sunday 29 August 2019

Other members went on early morning patrol.starting at 5am covering 48km.


Saturday 24 August 2019

Our patrol started off with two members but another member joined us.  The night started out with a minor car accident in 2nd avenue but both drivers reach and agreement.  So we continued our patrol.

We then ran into a tricky situation in Van der Bijl road.  All people involved was intoxicated.  At least they were responsible enough to have a designated driver.  The situation got out of hand and as I was telling the rest of my members, I am not getting involved in a fist fight.  I was I able to use the Namola app for emergencies. I just pressed and hold the SOS button and they called me to ask about my emergency. They dispatched the police to the scene.

We were able to keep the people in checked even when one of the vehicles involved wanted to drive away.  The police showed up and they handled it. Just note, if you are going to drink have a designated driver and try to keep calm at all times.

After that the night was pretty peaceful with no events.


Friday 23 August 2019

Tonight I was not on the patrol.  However two other members were on patrol. No incidents were reported. All was quiet.  Was able to patrol 42,4 km. (PJ)


Saturday 3 August 2019

The area was pretty quite.  No major events


Saturday 27 July 2019

We still had some steam left, so we went for another patrol in the evening :).  We hooked up with the other NHW’s in out sector and did a sector wide patrol, was pretty quite though.


Saturday Afternoon 27 July 2019

After Our patrol on foot in the morning, we decided on doing another patrol through the neighbourhood.  However the neighbourhood was very quiet.  Alot of people want to join the neighbourhoodwatch.  My problem is mostly everyone wants to join, but I never get the forms back.

Saturday Morning 27 July 2019

We decided to do a foot patrol again.  Just be visible and make sure no public drinking occur.  That is normally the start of all trouble.

Saturday 20 July 2019

The neighbourhood was pretty quiet tonight.  We came accross a parked vehicle at the station with one of the passengers standing outside, almost like he was guarding the car.  He apparently was waiting on the driver of the car to finish something in the car.  We told them that the need to leave since their car’s registration ends at GP and they might be a target.  We then moved on only later to find that the car was still there.  He was waiting for the driver to finish.  We told him to leave the area.  The situation looked a bit dodgy.  We asked the police van to investigate this car.  Apparently they picked up a “Nagblommetjie” also known as prostitute.  When we return to the scene, the car was gone.

We were joined by Peerless Park West NHW and patrolled our area and there area together.  But both neighbourhoods were quiet until we signed off duty.

Saturday 13 July 2019

The night started out without incident.  As we started our last round we ran smack into the middle of an operation run by the provincial traffic dept.  Drunk drivers were arrested etc.  What I found interesting was how they people reacted, still absolutely drunk, but were arguing they didn’t do anything wrong.  The one lady was shouting with half drank liquor in her hand, how is she getting home? We asked her to empty the bottle on the sidewalk.  Others were so drunk, they couldn’t even stand straight, but they were driving with people that were sober but couldn’t drive a car.

One suspect drove away and abandoned his vehicle.  We were asked to go and retrieve the vehicle, but they came back and booby trapped the vehicle. there was no way we could drive the vehicle. The ignition was wires and it just look to dodgy to drive.

We also came upon a accident scene where a pedestrian was knocked over and the driver took off. We had to go through neighbouring nhw to assist. The driver eventually reported to the police station.

We ended up getting something to eat outside our nhw where we approached by the owner to assist in removing people who relieved themselves in public next to ATM.  They were obviously intoxicated.

Friday 5 July 2019

We started our patrol as usual.  Belmontpark was pretty quiet.  Not a lot of movement.  We went to visit Gabriel Court to help them with some administrative issues. Also made a visit to Police station. Looked like the calm before the storm at station. Only people present was police officers and not one person making a case.  Would be nice if the whole Kraaifontein would be so crimeless 🙂  After that we joined PPE, PPW and Eikendal for a joined patrol. The rest of the night we patrolled alone in our Neighbourhood.


Wednesday 19 June 2019

We went out on patrol on the hope of catching wheelie bin thieves.  The streets was pretty quite except for an abandoned wheelie bin, we did not find anyone walking around with a wheelie bin. Seems they knew we were out on patrol to catch them off guard.


Friday 14 June 2019

We went out on patrol again tonight.  Tonight we went out with “Faithfull” Kosie stayed in the garage tonight.  The evening went without incident.  The neighbourhood was extremely quiet.  Teh only thing that came out to meet us, wat the mist.  So thick that we had to drive at some stages less then 15km per hour.

Later the morning we were joined by the neighbouring NHW Peerless park West.  We patrolled our area and then went over to their side.  The mist proved to be too much as our visibility went down to almost zero.  We decided to call it a night.

We visited the cells with the CPF and on our way out we joined Eikendal NHW at a roadblock.  It was interesting to see how desperate drivers were to get away from traffic department.  Sped away lost control and broke a cv joint after goin up the curb.  He then politely decided to run away only to be caught by the police van.  That was the highlight of our patrol for the evening.


Friday 17 May 2019

The patrol started out very slow and quiet.  Peerless park East came to join us in patrolling our area.  Ran into a stationery Taxi who intended to enjoy a Romantic Rendezvous or partying.  Followed the taxi out of our neighbourhood.  Peerless park East then continues ot their area. Since it was so Quiet on their side too, we decided to continue our patrol in our area.

As the Evening progressed we were flagged down by a resident in York street. We need to be on lookout for three children who seems to be up to no good.  We didn’t spot anything.  However,  the resident pointed out that one was hiding behind a tree in the circle.  He said he was waiting for his friends who went into their house.  He was high on glue though.  We asked him to show us the house.  As we approached the house he did not was to go closer, since he was instructed to wait and not enter.  As we were speaking to him,  we spotted to other boys jumped out of a yard and ran.  He also ran away.  We caught up with him and warned him not to come back to the circle at night especially that time of night.

The rest of the night was pretty quiet, we went for pies at BP garage.  Had a bit GPS trouble, but else everything went ok 🙂


Saturday 27 April 2019

Area wast pretty quiet.  One or two skarrelaars, else it was just quiet.


Saturday 20 April 2019

We were patrolling tonight with PPE and PPW.  We made turns going through each other’s NHW’s.  We only encountered a problem with your people drinking in the road. They actually put their chairs in the middle of the road and said it is in front of their house.  They were mildly intoxicated.  They did get a repremand, which was all we could really do.  Had the normal issues of a parked car for a romantic get together.  The rest of the night everything was pretty quiet in the whole sector.


Saturday 13 April 2019

Today we patrolled on foot at the shopping Centre in Belmontpark.  The old Block shopping centre as it was known.  It was not to our surprise how many culprits tried their luck to steal and break into cars.  Some would be offenders was shocked to see our presence.  There were dodgy characters that really tried their luck, but we stuck to them like glue and kept an eye on them 🙂


Sunday 7 April 2019

We decided to join Peerless Park East on Bicycles.  We did not  have a bike patrol in ages.  The only problem is that I forgot to use the GPS to track our mapping 🙁


Saturday 6 April 2019

Our Neighbourhood was pretty quiet.  Seems everyone is behaving or at least while we were patrolling.


Saturday 23 March 2019

Our patrol went with outhickups.  Neighbourhood once again pretty quiet.  Found a couple of cars parked in the dark.  Some of them refuse to move since it is a public area.  Once we explain the dangers, they had no problem moving on.  Hooked up with other NHW’s.


Saturday 23 February 2019

We were out patrolling during load shedding. I used the wrong device for tracking our movement 🙁 It relied on Cell phone towers and Wi-Fi. As you can see the results on the maps. I only realised it when we made our pit stop 🙁 Restarted when the power came back on again.

The area was pretty quiet except for a couple of cars parked in total darkness, so that couples can explore the romantic allure of consummating their love for each other. They were informed of the dangers of partaking in adventures like this. Their car can be hijacked and the female partner abducted.

We also ran into a domestic issue. We assist as far as we can, but people need to remember that we are the Neighbourhood watch we are not the police. The police have certain power that we do not have. We can contact the police and they will prioritise our call for help.

Saturday 23 February 2019

Tonight we had a joined patrol with all the other neighbourhood watches in our sector 3. After we went through everyone’s neighbourhoods we returned to our own.  Found two ladies trying to sleep in Sholoza village park.  Asked them to leave.  We encountered an attempted theft.  The culprit were caught red handed.

We also found a parking car.  I do not know if people think it is safe to park in a remote area without getting bothered.  MISTAKE!! criminals will come and nicely remove you belongings or ask you politely to leave your valuables in the vehicle and take a walk, where upon they will take your car.. Guys do not do this.

Saturday 9 February 2019

Our patrol went as normal. Nothing major, except for a couple people that decide to squat on the park near the old station that is now a pile of land that everyone is using to dump there rubbish. We cleared them out, but they are sure to return.  We will keep an eye on the situation and put plans in motion to remove an old boat in which they seem to be sleeping sometimes.

My GPS bombed out on me. Took about 20km’s from me.  We also ran into two skarrelaars.  One in the Wheelchair and the other packing his trolley.  Apparently it is a whole thing about balancing their trolley.  After we spotted them at the same place and seem they have been there for more than an hour we decided to have a chat with them. They had an interesting story.

Saturday 2 February 2019

This is my first time out on patrol this year.  We were fortunate enough to have two patrol vehicles.  The night went without any incident until we found, which looked like an abandoned taxi.  On closer inspection we found the driver out cold, taking a nap from too much alcohol intake.  We contacted the owner of the taxi and they removed the vehicle from the intersection.

Friday 21 December 2018

Our patrol start out as usual. No major incidents. Unfortunately the patrol was cut short when yours truly fainted due to lack of sugar.  Doing pretty good now.  A good reminder to always start your day with a good breakfast and remember to drink fluids during the day.

Saturday 8 December 2018

Out on patrol as usual.  Was going to patrol with two vehicles tonight, but two of our members patrolled with SAPS.  Always a good to work with the police and see what they have to go through on shift.  It also gives us a better insight on how they operate and not take them for granted.

Our neighbourhood itself was pretty quiet again.  We stopped at field across the hardware store where we saw a couple of guys sitting next to the field.  They were just picking up someones squatter equipment so to speak.

Later PPW also joint us for a bit of patrol.  After this the night was pretty quiet.

Saturday 25 November 2018

We were on patrol again.  We were fortunate enough to patrol with two vehicles.  We received a call that people were vandalising an abandoned house.  Upon arrival the perpetrators already left.  We did our normal patrol with no incident.  We were joined by Peerless Park West neighbourhoodwatch.  While at Total we heard round about 7 gunshots.  A general rule as neighbourhood watch is to inform police and then proceed to the scene.  We joined the police and Security at the scene of the gunshots and two victims were found.  The relatives of the victims was pretty upset with the police and neighbourhood watch for not going after the perpertrators.  We as neighbourhood watch are NOT the police.  We assist the police with their permission or when we are in an operation with them.  We do not have the equipment to go after armed perpertrators.  That been said the people were upset.

Later we had a call of an accident on the Maroela bridge.  It was a head on collision.  Luckily no fatal injuries were sustained.  The driver of the one vehicle ran away.  He was apparently under the influence.  We assisted with traffic control as long as we could.  We left the scene after the Fire brigade cleared the scene and the ambulance took victims to hospital.

Sunday November 2018

After two day of training we patrolled on a Sunday evening again.  Just to see what is happening in our neighbourhood. The neighbourhood was pretty quiet. Found a skarrelaar or two.  We came across a parked vehicle again. Seems it is pretty much fun have a romantic rendezvous in a dark spot with steamy windows.  After been mooned unintentionally the vehicle moved off after some light was shined on the vehicle. Ran into couple of random fires on open fields. Luckily none of them were lethal.  A fire is fed by a strong wind and lot of material to burn. Luckily in our case, no wind and no immediate danger to houses or people in the surroundings.  Did find a skarrelaar claiming to keep an eye out for people trying to steal cables.

Friday 2 November 2018

Been a while since I have been on patrol.  Our patrol started out slowly and our neighbourhood were extremely quiet.  After 12 we partnered up with Peerless Park West and Scottsdene.  We had a cavalcade of 4 vehicle.  Reacting on a tip off we were looking for a specific suspect.  We ran into the suspect and confiscated weapons but we did not find the fire arm and ammunition he was hiding.

Saturday 29 September 2018

The last day of the fare.  We had our hands full.  It was pretty busy. We also made use of bicycles today.

One of our major problems was liquor.  Teenagers trying to smuggle it onto the premises etc. We confiscated quite a lot of alcohol.  Another problem that I seem to pickup was that parents drop off their children, as young as 7 years at the fare and then later come and fetch them.

Friday 28 September 2018

Tonight we were patrolling and assisting at the fare.  We did perimeter patrol as well as in our neighbourhood.  We were united as a sector 3 patrol effort.  We were patrolling with Scottsville, Peerlesspark East and Peerlesspark West.  Our neighbourhood was pretty quiet.  The people at the fair were behaving.  There was a no alcohol policy on premises and we enforced that.

Sunday 23 September 2018

Another Sunday patrol.  We patrolled with two vehicles this time.  Nothing major happened except we experienced a power failure.  So we concentrated our patrols in the affected areas.  Also met up with neigbouring neighbourhood watch patrol.

Saturday 22 September 2018

No major incidents on our patrol tonight.  We ran into a parked car situation again.  People really think it is save to park in a dark corner and engaged in romantic activities.

Friday 14 September 2018

We were patrolling with two vehicles tonight and the area was pretty quiet.  We also able to patrol our area with the help of our neighbouring neighbourhoodwatches, namely Peerless park East and Peerless park West.  We  then afterwards went to patrol with them in their resepective areas.  All the patrolling areas was pretty quiet though.

Friday 31 August 2018

Patrol started off  nicely.  Had incident with a parked car.  Lady and gentleman apparently wanted some time away from children etc.  Informed them, parking at station with your vehicle facing away form station is only asking for problems.  What makes parking at the station so late and alone dangerous, is that perpetrators can assault and rob you and get away by running over the station or railway lines as what happened before.  We assisted Peerless park west NHW and they in turn assisted us with the a large group of youngsters on a street corner in Kerkstreet.

Saturday 11 August 2018

Our patrol started out fine.  No incident accept for a drunk person who thought we only patrol on places where we want to and not by his place.  Our patrol area is anywhere in sector 3.  However we are only allowed to patrol if we get permission from that specific Nhw coordinator if we can enter their area.  We assisted Scottsville nhw and the police in search of three suspects who robbed the engen garage.  All the suspects were found within an hour 🙂

Friday 6 August 2018

The neigbourhood was pretty quiet. Apart from a couple of stragglers.

Friday 6 July 2018

Our patrol started out very nice. No incidents at all.

We did ran into a parked vehicle at the park in the which the occupants was consuming liquor. We asked them to leave the park and that drinking is not allowed in the public area.  They had an attitude which soon disapppeared when we ask assistance from neighbouring NHW.

After this the evening was pretty quiet.

Wednesday 20 June 2018

Been a while since I’ve out on Patrol. surgery messed me up a bit.

Patrolled during the day looking out for wheelie bin thieves.  Ran into one, but it was his own Bin 🙁  Informed him about the illegalities of walking with the bin and issue warning which he needs to share with his friends.

Another culprit gave us the slip as we had to do a u turn to engage. Unfortunately the two of them disappeared. into thin air.

Note of advice. write down the serial no on your wheelie bin. Just in case one day we ran into your bin on the streets.  It would save you the trouble standing in line at SAPS for a case no, just to get another bin.

On Saturday 23 February 2018

Started patrol late due to work related issues. Patrol went fairly easy, nothing really going on in the Neighbourhood.

Saturday 17 February 2018

Visit one of the residents who have noticed suspicious behaviour of a person dumping something in a drain.  People “Skarrelaars” normally hide things they find in drains.  This was an example of that.  We found an old duvet with plastic bottles wrapped inside it.

Saturday 10 February 2018

Friday 2 February 2018

No bike patrol tonight.  We had a new member for 2018 patrolling with us tonight and was using two vehicles.  Nice to see that we are growing.  Slowly but surely 🙂

The night was pretty uneventful.  Pretty quiet in fact.  Around ten ish we spot a teenager running pass Simonsberg Primary.  Found it suspicious so we followed him.  Running constantly looking backwards.  Finally I lit up the road and drove next to him. Only to find out that he was trying to catch the bus, the bus that we have been chasing for quite some time, because he forgot his bag in his seat.  Well we chased a bus.  Even had a chat with the driver. They keep on dropping off the youth at this spot, which is pretty dodgy.

Anyway we got his bag and the bus left.  After the bus left he came running up, pretty upset since he ran so hard for nothing.  His face lit up when we produced his bag 🙂  Was so nice to see that. Helping out.  That is what we stand for. Helping, assisting and trying to keep out neighbourhood safe.

The rest of the night was pretty quiet.

Saturday 20 January 2018

The evening was so nice. So we decided to have a patrol on bike and have a car with two ladies as backup.

It was nice cycling through the neighbourhood and was able to assist people in with car trouble.

We came upon a group of teenagers walking through the neighbourhood.  Upon talking to them we found a nice ugly weapon on them. We took it from them.

The rest of the evening was pretty quiet.

Friday 19 January 2018

Streets were surprisingly quiet.  Not even a “skarrelaar” (person walking around with trolley) in site.  We found youths again waiting on the parents.  This time it was quite a few of them together.  They said there parents were on their way to fetch them.

Peerless Park East neighbourhood watch joined us for a joined patrol.  We returned the favor by patrolling with them as well.

We returned to our neighbourhood until we signed off

Friday 13 January 2018

My 1st patrol for 2018.  Started out very quiet.  We had an issue in Peerless Park East.  On our way to Pearless Park East we were pulled over by a Provincial traffic patrol vehicle.  Although we were in radio contact with Peerless Park East, who needed our assistance we couldn’t assist. The radio was handed to one of our Executive members of Belmont Park NHW to talk to the officer.  We were told by the traffic officer that the light provided by DOCS for Accredited NHW’s are illegal.  We need to switch it off immediately else we will be fined.  According to the officer no other light must be above the main headlights of the vehicle. In order to assist our neighbouring NHW Peerless Park East we adhere and left the scene

Below a screen capture of this by-law: Specifications of Lamps used by Accredited Neighbourhood Watches


To view the full document containing by-law: CLICK HERE and check page 235.

Luckily we were able to make it to Peerless Park East.  culprits were already apprehended.  It was just was just an inconvenience though.  I am sure the Traffic department will enlighten their staff about the new by-law. We normally drive with a solid light and if there is an emergence we let it strobe.

The rest of the evening was pretty quiet.

Saturday 23 December 2017

Patrolling so close to Christmas made out streets very quiet.  Encountered quite a few parties, but people were behaving.  Also ran into two parked vehicles with romantic inclinations.  The rest of the night went problem free.

Friday 24 November 2017

We were part of an Operation to patrol the most part of Kraaifontein.  The operation itself covered 46.2 Km and and the rest we just patrolled until 0:23 in our neighbourhood.  We stopped by a house that has alleged illegal activity.  When residents heard about this they send all addresses of would be crime related places.  However one cannot on the day of the Operation to go visit all these places.  It needs to investigated to see if it is a valid tip etc.

We did a little patrol in our neigbourhood as well. Found a couple parked cars, but they moved a soon as we turned on our lights.

Saturday 18 November 2017

Patrol went on without any incident.  The neighbourhood was pretty quiet.  Had report of suspicious car, but it ended up visitors from out of town came to visit and the people had problems with the gate.  Ran into a skarrelaar who was on his way out of the neighbourhood.

Friday 17 November 2017

Patrol started out normal.  Nothing funny or weird going on in the Neighbourhood.  Ran into suspicious characters at the back of Sholaza Village at the park. Ask them to leave the park.  Found the bus that drop off the youngsters at the school.  Talked to one of the parents to see if they cannot drop off the children at a more secure location like at the garage?  Will look into making this happen, since it is not safe for them waiting for their children in the dark.

We spotted a big fire on Peerless park East side.  Went to investigate.  Was able to get the fire under control.  Fire brigade showed up and  made sure the fire is completey killed.

The rest of the evening went without any trouble.

Saturday 4 November 2017

We were out again.  It is a pity we cannot do this all week 🙁   Area was once again pretty quiet.  We ran into a parked car again.   I do not know why people would park in a remote dangerous area for a romantic interlude.  Took us some time to convince this man and lady friend they cannot park and do their business there.  We left them, thinking they will move. 10 Min later as we made our rounds, they were still there with windows all fogged up.  Not even flashing lights and a torch on them could scare them, but finally we got through to them and the man reluctantly left.

There was a party going on, but since it was still before 0:00 we did not pay much attention to them. However near 0:00 we approached them.  Drunk youngsters at there best.  We called law enforcement to sort them out too. the no we dialed was 021 480 7700. make sure you get a reference no.  Once you get through make sure you get a reference no.  With the reference no, one can follow up to see whether the people in question were approached by law enforcement.

We visited a ghostly police station, where no one was around. It was very eerie!! to say the least.

The rest of the morning was pretty quiet

Friday 3 November 2017

Patrol started out a bit late, but we got on the way.  The neighbourhood was once again very quiet except for a view “skarellors”. Neigbourhood very quiet.

Friday 20 October 2017

Our patrol started out normal.  The area was pretty quiet. Visited Scottsville prayer site.  Went through our neighbourhood.  Did ran into two suspicious characters, which was very nervous on approach.  We asked them to leave the area.  We kept an eye on them until they were out of our neighbourhood.  They were apparently on their way to Fisantekraal.  That was the only thing we encountered that was a bit of a concern.  The rest of the night was quiet.

Saturday 14 October 2017

Our patrol went as normal.  No incidents to mention.  The neighbourhood was quiet as in not a lot of strangers or “skarrelaars” walking about.  We also visited Scottsville who had a crime awareness and prayers evening.  We were also ask to assist in Peerless park west, to investigate suspicious individuals.  After visiting Scottsville we visited Peerless park East NHW as well.  The rest of the patrol was pretty quiet until we booked off.

Friday & Saturday 29 & 30 September 2017

The Friday nothing much happened except for youth being walking to the fare.  We do notice alot of young children the ages of 6 to 10 walking about in the streets on their way to the fair.

The second day of the fun at the fair.  Patrol started of very good.  Neighbours complained about fare goers making a noise and drinking in the street.  Did our investigation and found youth, the oldest most likely 15 years old with liquor and drunk and was making a noise in the street.  The young lady said she was waiting for her dad to come and pick them up.  We also encountered 5-7 year old children roaming the grounds and going home at 22:40.  I wonder where the children’s parents are if their 6 – 7 year old child is walking outside at night?  We had alerts of children disappearing. Will these children become one of them?

We had to leave our neighbourhood to help out our neighbouring neighbourhood watch.  Upon return to our neighbourhood we received a call from one of our residents of a person been attacked and a stabbed.  Luckily medical team of the fare were on the scene already and could assist.  But in the end the injuries were too severe 🙁

Friday 11 August 2017

GPS went bonkers again.  The night patrol went ok.  No issues until we ran into a party where the liquor was flowing freely and the noise levels sky high.  The drinking in the street we could address.  The music was a bit of a problem since it was not after 12am yet.  The best thing to do in such a situation is to call 107 from your cell and report it.  Law enforcement will come to investigate. Make sure you get reference no.


Friday 28 July 2017

Patrol went on as usual.  We encountered again children waiting on their parents in the dark.  Stayed with them until parents arrived. Informed them again about the dangers of  wanting on that spot.  Seems every time we get different children waiting on this spot. Explained to the parents the situation.  The rest of the night went without incident.

Saturday 22 July 2017

Patrol started off good. Had a chat with guys from sector one.

We came upon a situation where a young boy was shot.  People were screaming at us for assistance. We alerted the police and emergency services.  Luckily they were on the scene pretty quickly.

After this the night was pretty quiet.

Friday 21 July 2017

Patrol started out normal.  We found a couple of kids at a school waiting for their lift home.  We advised them that it is not safe to stand there all alone.  They mentioned their lift is on its way.  We decided to stay with them. As we drove off to turn around they were harassed by an individual who claims he knows them. After exchanging words with him he left.  The kids was pretty shaken up after this. A parent came to fetch them and we informed them about the dangers of waiting for the their lift on that spot. They appreciated our help in keeping their children out of harms way.

We ran into a couple of youths behind Shell garage whose buddy was allegedly attacked.  We offered to call the police and ambulance but they refused. They wanted us to take the individual to hospital.  We were unable to do that and they decided to take him home instead.  As a precaution and the fact that we are not trained emergency people, we cannot risk in moving him to hospital.

Friday 7 July 2017

The GPS went on a fritz.  Lost all patrol data.  The evening went ok.  We ran into people in front of Nino’s drinking while trying to fix their car. We asked them to put liquor away.  They were waiting for a mechanic to fix their car. We asked them to move their car to the garage where they would be in a well lit area.  We monitored them until the mechanice came and left the neigourhood.

Friday 16 June 2017

The night went fine without any problems.  We went to assist our neigbouring NHW Pearless Park West.  A car went through the fence on the gate as you go towards the N1.  It was unfortunate that the occupants of the car was arguing and the one pulled on the steering wheel, causing the car to go right through the fench rolled down the bridge and miraculously landed on its wheels again. Everyone walked out alive from the accident.

Saturday 3 June 2017

Neigbouthood was prettty quiet. no major insidents

Friday 26 May 2017

Our patrol started on as normal.  The only problem so far was communication with Police.  The phone system at station was down so we had to book in at the station itself.  The rest of the evening went on without any incident.

Friday 5 May 2017

We started our patrol as normal.  Was pretty quiet, except once again we ran into drunk youth urinating in the middle of the road. We ran into the car parked for romantic purposes. Found the parked car was also part of the same drinking buddy group.  In the industrial area we ran into a parked vehicle.  The vehicle was hit by one of the trucks and we escorted the vehicle to the police station.  We left the neighbourhood seeing red and blue lights as we heard what sounds like gunshots.  The red and blue lights ended up being an accident,

On Friday 22 April 2017

We decided to patrol together with the other NHW’s of sector 3. Surprisingly the who sector was as empty as can be.  The streets was empty.  Places that normally are fully populated was as dry as dry can be.

Saturday 15 April 2017

What was suppose to be a normal patrol ended up in a night of constant activity and two NHW’s form sector3 working together to assist at a fire in Kraaifontein Station.  We also encountered a person who was accused of abusing his pet.  We didnt have any proof, but if we caught people in the act of abusing their pets we will do something about it. We also had a problem at shell garage where someone almost knocked over a lamp post.  We stayed around until the situation was under control.  Capital Security came to their assistance.  We checked on the fire again and the PRASA people assured us that two lines will be operation on Sunday 16 April 2017.

Friday 14 April 2017

Patrol started off normal.  No incidents to report. Area was very quiet.  We ran into Bernadino Heights NHW at total.  Had a nice conversation with them. Was very refreshing to such a group of NHW members together.  Total is becoming a regular stop for SAPS, Security companies and NHW’s.  We thank Total Agrimark in Belmontpark for their constant support.

Saturday 8 April 2017

Patrol started without any problems.  Area was quite quiet except for a party or two.  Everyone was behaving themselves.  Only encountered a parked car in Industrial area.  Came upon an accident between taxi and car. Our assistance were not required. Area was pretty quiet.

Saturday 1 April 2017

The area was pretty quite.  We ran into other breakaway group at total.  Had chat with them, since they sometimes do search people in our neighbourhood. Residents confuse them as Belmontpark NHW.  They completely understood our concerns. The rest of the night was pretty quiet.

Friday 31 March 2017

 Friday 17 March 2017

Saturday 4 March 2017

Had the the colour run event at Simonsberg primary.  It was so much fun that we continued into patrolling tonight. Once again the neighbourhood was quiet except for a few parked cars.

Friday 3 March 2017

No problems on patrol tonight

Friday 17 February 2017

The patrol tonight went without a hitch Neigbourhood was quiet. No probelms at all.

Saturday 11 February 2017

We were on patrol again.  We once again found the neighbourhood very quiet.  No incidents no Skarrelers.  We did get some info from a resident from a culprit which seems to on a regular basis try to break into houses. That info will be passed onto the Police.  Also remember the info can also be sent to the NHW cell phone.

Friday 3 February 2017

We started out patrol as normal.  No major incidents.  We received a call about a trespasser in one of the resident’s backyard.  We responded to the call and found the culprit.  He turned out to be someone the family knew.  We asked him to leave and he did so quietly.  We also had a report of people making a noise.  I am glad to see that people know the rules about noise.  There should be no loud noise after 0:00.  By the time we got to the scene, which was just after 0:05 the noise was gone.  The people informed us, no problem we know the rules sir 🙂

The rest of the night was pretty quiet.

Saturday 27 January 2017

Since we had our quick operation on last night,  we didn’t as much time in our own neighbourhood, and since flyin lessons were cancelled, we could patrol again.  Neighbourhood was quite quiet with the exception of a parked truck and occupant in their loving embraces.

Friday 27 January 2017

Belmontpark Neigbourhood watch together with the other Neigbourhood watches of Sector’s 3, 4 and 5 had a  quick joint patrol let by a Police vehicle, police Bus, 30 cars and a security company.

Saturday 21 January 2017

We started our patrol as normal.  No incident whatsoever.  While at the Garage a resident from 8th approached one of the guys in the NHW jackets informing him that someone was trying to enter a premises.They needed assistance.  We followed him to the house where three guys tried to gain access to the premises.  We were unable to find anyone. They most likele ran down 8th Ave, into Denne Street and back up 7th ave over plantation road. They crossed the field and ran over Maroela (M167) out of our neighbourhood.  If we are on patrol the neigbourhood watch can be contacted on the neighbourhood watch cell.

In the the industrial area, which is also part of Sector 3 and Belmont Park we encountered an alarm that was activated and Capital security had it under control.

On our way back we ran into people sleeping in the park in 4th avenue and a car parked trying to be romantic.  It almost look like a scene where everyone was making out. One in the car the other under the tree.  We pointed out the danger of their actions.  Further down we encountered a group of drunk people trying to sleep in the other park.  We asked them to leave the park.  After this the neighbourhood was pretty quite.

Friday 13 January 2017

We had a very quiet patrol without any incidents in our neighbourhood.  The neighbourhood was very quiet.  No new strangers walking around aimlessly. We ran into a lot of police vehicles, which is nice 🙂

Around 1:30 we stopped next to a vehicle parked, but the person was a resident.  He calmly asked us where we were when he was robbed a couple of days ago in broad daylight?  I calmly told him that I was in work!

The residents need to know that we as the neighbourhood watch members do have a day job.  We also have families and we sacrifice time over the weekend and Wednesdays to make the neighbourhood safer.  After I explained that, he was very appreciative for the work that we do.  People are under the impression it is a Job.  News is that it is not a paid job.  It is residents volunteering to make a difference in their neighbourhood.

On numerous occasions we saw how elements decide to make U turns when they see our lights coming down the street.  Even suspicious cars make u turns.  So please people, if you were the victim of a crime, report it to the police station.  We need those stats, so that we can have more visible police patrols in our neighbourhood.

Friday 6 January 2017

Our patrol started out normal.  Ran into the guys from sector at Agri Mark Total express. Got invitation to join them on their patrol.  We opt to stay in our area 🙂

At 00:19.We encountered an individual at Kraaifontein station, which looked very suspicious.  We found that he was robbed in Walacedene and is waiting till daylight to go home.  Since it was unsafe for him to sit there, we accompanied him to the Kraaifontein police station, where they might be able to take him home. As a rule we do not allow  people in our patrol vehicle and take them to a location of their choice. We inform the police and they normally do it.  In this case we just drove next to him until we reached the police station.

We received a call that people were stopped and search by people who is not the neighbourhood watch and went to investigate. We found the guys from sector1 at Total Agrimark, but they said they patrol in their area.

The rest of the night was pretty quiet.

Wednesday 4 January 2017

It Was my 1st patrol in 2017 and since I was home I joined the other group for a patrol.  As per usual on a Wednesday we patrol to make sure that no one is carting a wheely bin around.  Chances are pretty good that the bin does not belong to the owner. We fortunately didn’t encounter any of that. It was just pretty hot so it was quiet, everyone looking for shade 🙂

Friday 30 December 2016

Once again the neighbourhood was very quiet.  We started a bit late to see if we can end off in the early morning hours.  Apart from a couple people walking around aimlessly we did not have any problems.  Even though there were several parties.  People were behaving 🙂

Friday 23 December 2016

Tonight’s patrol was very quiet. The all the business in Belmont Park was closed by 22:30.  The neighbourhood itself was also very quiet.  We didn’t run into any skarrelers.  A few teenagers sitting on the road close to their house was the only event where we were able to talk.  All in all it was a nice quiet uneventful patrol.

Friday 16 December 2016

I was out on patrol again.  Neighbourhood was pretty quiet.  There were a couple of parties, but everyone was abiding by the rules. We didn’t catch anyone drinking in public or any other incidences of misconduct.  As the night progressed we came across a stationery vehicle.  After we made the occupants understood it was not save to park in such remote areas.

Round about 12:30 am we were flagged down. We were flagged down by a couple of ladies who was so drunk that they didn’t know where they were. it always a good idea to have a drive buddy or walk buddy.  Someone you can call to come and fetch you after a party where liquor was flowing like a river. We accompanied one of the ladies until she entered a house where people knew who she was.

The rest of the evening was pretty un eventful.

Friday 9 December 2016

Just another quiet eveing on patrol

Friday 2 December 2016

Neigbourhood was quiet.

Friday 25 November 2016


It has been a while since I have been patrolling, because of an accident or rather I had a rendezvous with a taxi passenger door while cycling to work.  Anyway the neighbourhood was pretty quiet.  We had two incidents with cars parked and people’s magical interludes were interrupted by us.  The second one didn’t, I mean really now.  They almost refused to leave. like we are invading their privacy.  Privacy is privy to your own property and not public area. The rest of the night was quiet.

Saturday 24 September 2016


Saturday 17 September 2016


Tonight we had the privilege to patrol with three vehicles.  We noticed that Why not Café was open again and the party was in full swing.  We had problems with them before, operating without a valid license.  We approached the owner and he was not impressed with us.  With the help of the police we were able to close his club. He once again could not produce a valid permit/license.  He produced a permit that allows him to play and record on a Jukebox.  With the help of the police we were able to close them for the night.

On Friday 16 September 2016

16septFriday the 16th of September was pretty quiet.  Looked like everyone deserted our Neighbourhood.

Saturday 3 September 2016

saturdayWe patrolled as usual. No major incidents.  We did ran into the children of fourth avenue, but they were actually very friendly and apologetic for being on the road so late and said that they are going to a friend’s house.  We haven’t seen them after that the whole evening.

The lights were of in Skool Street and we reported it. Check the Safety page for all emergency numbers. The rest of the evening was very quiet except for the guy we ran into round about 1:25am who was quite surprised by  the fact it was 1:25 not not maybe 6:25 because he was on his was to work.

Friday 5 August 2016

I have decided since we basically do the same route, I decided to put on pics of incidents we encounter on our patrols.  We started our patrol at 23:00 to continue until 4:00 in the morning.

The night was fairly quite. We found this guy sleeping on the steps by the church.  Someone didnt come to pick him up so he decided to sleep there until the next morning.  We recommend that he go to the police station where it would be safer to be.



Later as we patrolled the industrial area we found a suspicious vehicle standing idling, when approached, the owner said he is just waiting for his buddy working there. He came to pick him up.

Saturday 30 July 2016


Since it seems the neighbourhood is waking up after 1 ‘o clock, we started patrolling at 23:00.  The neighbourhood once again seems to be pretty quiet.  Not for long when we ran into a couple and their friend enjoying alcohol while walking through the neighbourhood.

jason1  We stopped them and do a search but didn’t find anything suspicious on them.  We ask them to go home and off the street.

We did our normal route and was pretty quite until we came upon this suspicious scene …


These guys, originating from Northpine, and Scottsdene (trying to hitch a ride back home after being at a party in Bloekombos – Their version of the story of course. Who try to hitch a ride by opening the driver side door?) took the opportunity to relief a couple from their cell phone and some money.  The couple were quite relief seeing us.  After we heard the story and we could see the guys were quite surprise to see us.  We called our backup, which is the Police and a security company that patrols our area. In this case Capital security and Police responded.


Here the suspects are being questioned by the Police and confirmed they were lying about the true nature of their actions.  Also the couple put themselves in danger, by pushing their vehicle, which he bought, to his place in 9th avenue.  He was informed a good time of doing such thing is not in the middle of the night all alone. He should have asked for assistance from his friends and do it in during the day.

We, together with the police entered Why not Café.  The club was filled to capacity.  We cleared it out asked people to leave. There were no safety protocols in place.  A knife was found on the floor, which was dropped to the floor as soon as the police entered.

After this the patrol went quite as usual until once again we came upon another incident.  Luckily we were able to be of assistance.

stabThey were partying and somehow one got stabbed.  We were able to put the victim in the recovery position and called the police and ambulance.  Who could then take the matter further.  The victim was taken to hospital shortly after the Ambulance arrived.

The rest of patrol went without incident except for a trolley guy we stopped and took a knife from him.

Friday 29 July 2016


Unlike last weekend, when we didn’t have enough members available for patrol, we were enough patrol.  It felt nice again being on the road, roaming through the neighbourhood making sure things are ok and making sure no uninvited elements are roaming our neighbourhood.  We were blessed with two vehicles 🙂

The patrol went smoothly. We encountered 3 youths having a drink in the park.  They were drinking in the park out of respect for their parents who does not want them to drink alcohol.  Having respect for their parents is nice and all, but what is not nice is them drinking in a public place which is illegal.  Not only illegal, but also very dangerous.  Element can walk by and also want to join the party and on the spot decide to rob them on the spot or even worst. So parents please have a chat with your children.  If you know they consume alcohol, let them go to a place where it is safe.  One parent once said: “I rather let my children drink in my yard then at least I know where they are and can keep an eye on them”.  That was the opinion of this parent.

We encountered a stationery vehicle and on approach it started to drive off.  We followed the vehicle zigging and zagging through a couple of streets without using its indicators and only when it left the corner of 9th and van Riebeeck it indicates when it left the neighbourhood.Later we encountered another vehicle standing in the dark.  The couple were having a party in their car!  It seems all this things starts just after one, before 1’o clock everything seems to be pretty quiet, then after 1’o clock it seems the elements and other surprises awakes 🙂

Wednesday 29 June 2016

wed290616Today is my 1st day patrol. We patrol on Wednesday to curb the amount of wheelie bins that are been stolen.  We encountered quite a few trolley vendors, digging through the trash looking for plastic, glass and metal. It is pointless you put those items next to your bin they still dig through the bin.  Also it is not only one, that digs through your bin. I noticed at least 4 guys went through my bin. It is unfortunately their bread and butter.  We didnt encounter any bin been wheeled down the street.  However when done patrolling someone’s bin got taken in 6th avenue 🙁 Our luck we left a portion of 5th and 6th avenue out 🙁

Saturday 25 June 2016

sat062516 On patrol we had a chat with kids on 4th avenue.  Seems they are up to no good on the corner or rather their corner.  They understood loitering on that corner and being up to mischief will not be tolerated.  Devil always have something for idle hands.  As before there were no activity at Monate Lounge.  The rest of the night was without incident. The only incident not worth mentioning is that some patrons of Monate lounge, that was under the impression that there were a party at the lounge,  made the public parking area a public toilet.  The rest of the night was pretty quiet. Oh and one of our Neigbourhood watches badges flew off the car. Tried to find it, but no luck 🙁

Friday 24 June 2016


Our patrol started out as normal.  Once again, noticed that some streetlights were out.  We attend to a scene where there was an apparent accident, but upon arrival it was not a big thing.  Place once again was pretty quite.  Monate Lounge appeared to be closed.  Which is good news.

Saturday 11 June 2016

sat11A very quite evening once again

Friday 10 June 2016

fri10Area was once again pretty quiet.  We noticed that the lights were still off in some avenues.  confronted the children of 4thO avenue.On

On Saturday 4 June 2016


We were on patrol again.  Surprisingly enough we encountered quite a few parked cars.  Seems people still like to get their groove on in the dark places, i.e. they park their car in a dark remote place.  The one exception was the guy that parked under the light in front of Kraaifontein hardware store.  We also had a complaint about a white BMW driving up and down the streets in the early morning hours.  It was the paperboy.  Delivering newspapers or rather throwing newspapers into subscriber’s yards.  It is quote common for them to deliver so early in the morning. Between one and three o clock. Monate lounge patrons have found a new toilet. The elevated sidewalk, next to Marino’s fisheries. If we want this to stop we need to send in more complaints.  Apparently we can’t do anything because it is on private property 🙁  But I am sure if we stick together we can come up with something.  Will keep you posted on this matter.

Saturday 27 May 2016


The streets were buzzling with parties tonights.  Alot of teenage parties.  We ran into a few straggles that were looking for a bit peace and quiet, away from the music.  They were informed about the dangers of being alone in the dark, making out.  Some of them returned to the party.  Monate lounge was in full swing.  We noticed the lights that were off again.  How ever other streetlights were on and it seems the avenues are making turns in switching their lights on and off. My GPS lost contact with satelite how sad 🙁

Friday 27 May 2016


Went out on patrol again.  No major incidents.  Noticed that some streetlights were off and did report it.  Ran into a bit of scuffle when a policeman was attacked with a knife.  We were litterally seconds away when it happened.  The people responsible for the stabbing was picked up by the police van.  The rest of the night was fairly quiet.

Saturday 21 May 2016

saturdayThe evening was pretty quiet.  Had almost no “Skarrelers” Except for one on a ready made trolley trying to sell a wooden garden gate.  The club goers at Monate lounge was in full swing.  Wasnt any incidents though.

Friday 6 May 2016


The evening were once again pretty quiet.  Even Monate lounge were not very active.  We ran into a two parked cars and one with a “straat blommetjie”  The police were also very visible and also searched one of the parked vehicles.  The rest of the evening went on without any hickups or incidents.

Saterday 30 April 2016

saturday30We started our patrol with two vehicles.  We did not encounter any problems at all.  We talked to one the occupants of a “Parked Car”. We informed him it is not safe to park in a dark area to spend quality time with his loved one.  He was sent on his way.  A good thing to note was that Monate Lounge actually did close before 2 am.

Friday 29 April 2016

friday29The area was pretty quiet.  Stopped a suspicious looking person.

Saturday 23 April 2016


Nothing new on our patrol.  We removed the kids from the corner of 4th avenue.  The left peacefully, but when they were a good 50m away they started misbehaving and shouting.  I guess they are just kids.  They were told constantly not to loiter on that corner, but it seems they just don’t want to listen.  The evening was fairly quiet.  Removed a drinking party from the street.  Ask a couple of street workers to vacate the street.  The  rest of the evening it was fairly quiet.

Saturday 16 April 2016

stat16aprilOut on patrol again 🙂  We were using two vehicles and the neighbourhood was pretty quite.  There was two random fires that were started by people to get rid of garbage and junk that they didn’t want.  Luckily the fires were at places where they did not pose a thread.  Nethertheless, starting a fire on a open field is not a good idea 🙂

Friday 15 April 2016


We went out again tonight.  We heard rumours of the kids on 4th avenue were loitering again on the corner, but we did not ran into them at all the whole evening. We noticed that a couple of street lights were out again.  We also are glad to see that speed bumps have been erected in Van der Bijl Street 🙂 During the course of the night we were able to assist a gentleman by arranging a tow for him to his house and made sure him and his family are safe.  Monate lounge seems to be operating again and things started to get rowdy again.  They were calmed down again but we can expect problems from them 🙁  Later we encountered suspicious people and confronted them. They were from Scottsville looking for someone who apparently stole from them.  We took away an axe and a very long knife which the one tried to hide when he saw us approaching.  We made sure that they leave our neighbourhood.  We cannot allow them to make out neighbourhood their fighting ground and place of crime 🙁 Apart from the regulars the night was pretty quiet.

 Saturday 9 April 2016

saterdagThe evening started out as usual.  Caught a parking vehicle and him on its way.  The 4th avenue problem seems to limited to 4th avenue, but we did not get any trouble from them.

Also people seem to lit fires in order to get rid of rubble being dumped on sites.  Be alert for those fires, especially if they are close to houses.

Monate lounge was once again in full swing.  A lot more people showed up then on Friday.  And it looked like thing could get out of hand.  We talked to the owner about.  just after 2 am we ran into Law enforcement again.  Law enforcement went to have a look and took pictures etc.  The law enforcement people we ran into, was actually the cable theft unit.  They also said if you suspect cables being burned they can be contacted on 080 022 2771.  They will respond.

Friday 8 April 2016

fridayOnce again our neighbourhood was pretty quiet.  There were a couple of avenues which was hurled in darkness, due to cable theft.  One of the residents informed us that some guys were trying their l luck into acquiring some cables.  We were a little too late and they were gone.

A bit of bad news was that Monate lounge was operating again.  In the early evening hours it seems to be pretty much tolerable.  People seems to behaving themselves pretty decently.  They are suppose to close at 2 am.  We made sure they close at 2 am.  It won’t be long before the old habbits returned.  We talked to the owner and he promised that he will control things. Only time will tell and we will be watching 🙂

Saturday 2 April 2016


It seems on Saturday evening it was like April fool’s day.  There was an accident where a pizza delivery guy was knocked over by a car and the car drove away.  A neighbour in the neighbourhood stopped us because they came upon a person who appears too knocked out and his car was gone.  He said his car was stolen.  We later discovered the car which was crashed in the speed bump’s warning barrier.  The car was still idling.

As we were concluding the business with the car we noticed a couple of kids making a commotion.  We investigated and one of our members was assaulted by one of them. They were all drunk and the oldest kid was about 16.  They ran away, but we caught up with them. The one that did the assault ran away toward the railway line into Peerless Park East.  The others we caught were arrogant and disrespectful. We went to the police station to make a case of assault against the one that attacked our member.

We took a break at Agri total garage, where we found out the shop assistant was assaulted by two guys.  He did call the police, but we found out that the police’s phone line was down. We asked a paramedic from an ambulance to assist him since his lip was cut badly L

We continued our patrol and everything was quiet.  We ran into “Kraaifontein patrols”. We thought they were not operating anymore. We also ran into law enforcement. We were flagged down again.  Someone was attacked and stabbed.  Law enforcement assisted us and the same ambulance that helped out the shop attendant, showed up and were able to assist the victim.  We stood by the ambulance until they secured the injured person.

NB:  We as the neighbourhood watch is there to assist as much as we can, but we cannot be there all the time for everyone. We make resources available like the website or Facebook where all relevant information is placed.

On Friday 1 April 2016


This Friday we were patrolling with three vehicles.  And a difference it made.  We were able to cover the area three times faster 🙂 It enabled us to concentrate on three different places at the same time.  If we needed assistance from the other vehicle it will be there in a jiffy 🙂  We had no incidents at all. Each vehicle covered at least 4okm of neighbourhood.  The map above from one of these vehicles.

Sunday 27 March 2016


As Second patrol squad we patrolled on Sunday as well.  We started including the industrial area as well.  The night was pretty quiet except for a couple of straglers.  We ran into group of 6 individuals around 23:15.  After questioning what their intentions were, they were on their way to the Shell garage.  Apparently it is safer for them to walk as a big group.  The rest of the evening went without incident.

We have to remember if you see something out of the order or suspicious, report it. If there are anything to report, you can report it to us and also make use of the no’s in our Safety Page.

Saturday 12 February 2016

satfeb12The are was very quiet except for a couple of cars parked in dark places for privacy.  I once again cannot stress enough how dangerous it is to park in dark places.  You might as well paint a bull eye on yourself and your partner.  The would be perpetrator/s might get away with your ride and your girl 🙁

We also encountered a new “Straatblommetjie” who was not aware that there is a neighbourhood watch in Belmontpark who will have an effect on her business.

Saturday 30 January 2016

sat272016We were out on patrol.  Our neighbourhood was pretty quiet.  Did not encounter any issues except maybe for onem where we encounter a couple of people drinking in the public park.  They were not happy that we told them not to drink in the park.  After inspection of the place where they were busy, we found two knives. The rest of the evening went without any major events except for cars parking in remote areas for “Privacy”

 Friday 29 January 2016

fri302016Our patrol started on time.  Encountered some drinking in the field and reprimanded the people.  Also talked to people that were drinking on the street while braaiing inside their yard.  The rest of the evening was pretty quiet.

Saturday 16 January 2016


The neighbourhood was fairly quiet.  In our second half we ran into a rowdy crowd coming from Walacedene, apparently on their way to Monate Lounge.  We had a nice chat with them, they were young professionals in various fields.  To our surprise we found that Monate Lounge was in fact open.  We drove pass it, no longer that 30 minutes ago and even stopped there, since we found two people sitting in the dark.  They happen to be old familiar harmless faces, who we discovered afterwards was aware that Monate Lounge was going to open after twelve.  We called the police to have a look at the situation at the Lounge, since it was supposed to be closed, until they sort out a few things where safety was concerned.

After this the night was pretty quiet, with no further incidents except finding the same under aged teenagers from a week ago enjoying liquor on the sidewalk.  They were reprimanded and send off the street.

Friday 15 January 2016


We were out at it again, patrolling our beloved Belmontpark neighbourhood. Nothing special or interesting the first half of our patrol.  Until we encountered a situation where “aandblommetjie” called upon our assistance.  Apparently she was robbed from her shoes and the perpetrator went across the bridge. We had a chat with him, but he was not really cooperative stating that it is his shoes.  We are not judge and jury so we let him be and since he was leaving our neighbourhood we found the “aandblommetjie” and ask her to open a case at the police station.  Since it seems that a certain transaction didn’t go as planned.

As we were finishing off our patrols, we found ourselves in a situation where alleged thieves were caught red handed by very upset occupants.  We called the police to sort out the situation.  Since it seems the people in questioned rather want to go to jail than deal with the people of the house.

Friday 8 January 2016

jan8Our first patrol for the new year.  We also went to assist our neighbouring neighbourhood watch with they patrol in the newly build flats.  The problems they encounter are far worst than what we experience in our neighbourhoodwatch.  The section we visited had only one light and was not even working.  Vandals stole all the lights leaving the ground, first and second floor in utter darkness 🙁  Upon returning to our neighbourhood we encountered a fire.  What is puzzling is that people see there is a fire, but prefers to ignore it 🙁 People, please if you see the fire,  please report it!  You might not know it, but that fire can easily spread to your house! My GPS device ran out of power and I forgot to restart the device after I hooked up my power bank, hence no Kilometers. The rest of the night was once again very quite after we spoke to a couple of guys who was enjoying Liquor in the street.

Saturday 26 December 2015

sat27decWe patrolled and though we would encounter alot of problematic party goers, but was in for a surprise.  The neighbourhood was extremely quiet.  We did encounter a couple under aged teenagers drinking in the street outside their house.  They were quit convinced that it is ok, since they are outside their house on the pavement.  Empty beer bottles lying around them.  We had to leave our neigbourhood for a bout fourty min.  Upon returning, business as usual.  Pretty quite neighbourhood.  Then we encountered that the Monate lounge was open again.  But the police made sure they close up shop again.

Saturday 19 December 2015

sat19decWe patrolled our neighbourhood as normal.  No major incidents except for cars parking in places where they are vulnerable to attacks.  Like I said in earlier patrol reports/blogs, if you want to take your girlfriend somewhere for a “nice” time, do not park under a tree in a dark corner. You select this dark corner because no one can see you. That is exactly what the criminal like. They can launch their attack on you and no one will see it.

The rest of the evening was very quiet.  It was a relief to see that Monate lounge was quite very quiet, nobody outside using the parking area as a toilet or an open bar etc.  That nice feeling disappeared just after 12am when we drove pass and noticed cars and people partying in the parking area again 🙁

Saturday 12 December 2015

saturday1212On our patrol the only issue that we encountered is once again the Monate lounge where the party goers don’t attend the party inside the lounge, but rather outsid in the street, the parking area and on the pavement.  Drinking and being disorderly in public.  Not to mention the way they drive! We are trying to put a stop to this. We are not gonna sit still until it will be resolved in a lawfull way.

We encountered the normal straglers or “Skarrelers” In Denne street we found the boot of a car wide open.  We alerted the home owners and was quite surprise 🙂

We visited the Argri Mark fill station as well. It was also fairly quiet, but we did have a chat with the people at this filling station.

We took The night was pretty quite and we signed off.

Saturday 28 November 2015

Sector3patrolWe once again had an awareness patrol of the whole sector 3.  The aim is make people aware of the neighbourhood watch and try to establish one where there is none.

We also did a stop and search where applicable. We confiscated a knife and a golf stick.

After patrolling through the whole sector, each neighbourhood watch went back to their own area for patrol.  We proceeded patrolling to our neighbourhood.  We had a bit of an issue with the people at Monate lounge.  They apparently found an outside toilet or rather decided that a patch of grass is a toilet.  We found a couple of young girls relieving themselves of bodily fluid out in the open between the party goers as if it was nothing major.  Shining the lights on them did not even make them move. They casually continued until they were done and walked away.

The rest of the night was extremely quiet with no incidents what so ever, except for running into “open air” toilet users and into a party goer that got hurt after falling.

Saturday 31 October 2015

saturdayTonight we went on our Normal patrol.  Interesting to note that Monate lounge has decided to control the influx of people by restricting access with own liquor.  Will pose a new set of problems, however it is problems that will have to be sorted out by the police or  law enforcement.  They are now parking on the pavement and consuming alcohol in public.

Friday 30 October 2015

fridayTonight we went on an awareness patrol with all the neighbourhood watches in our sector3.  It consists of Belmonpark , Scotsville, Pearless Park East and West.

As the CPF (Community Police Forum) subforum we are still trying to establish other neighbourhood watches.

Our patrol went through the hot spots of Scotsville where we did a routing stop and search, which was pretty fruitful. We ended up with quite a few potential weapons.  Interesting was the fact that a lock tied to a ribbon can be used as a weapon.

On Saturday 17 October 2015

saturdayWe patrolled with one vehicle and on bikes.  We had no incidents at all.  We got a parked car and the station, which we sent on its way after asking for an address they were looking for.  The rest of the evening was pretty quiet.

Friday 16 October 2015

fridayWe patrolled on our bikes again.  It was pretty awesome.  We had no incidents whatsoever.  Seems rugby fever was all over the neighbourhood and the smell of Braai.

On Friday 2 October 2015

fridayIt was family festival weekend, but that didn’t stop us from patrolling.  We were on our bikes as well as one support vehicle.  We ran into an interesting situation where a lady asked directions and offered a person a lift to the festival.  Since she was alone and giving this person a lift, she was robbed and left stranded.  Rule of thumb! Do not give strangers a lift, Especially if you are alone.  The rest of the evening was pretty quiet.

Saturday 5 September 2015

sat5septThe night started off very slow.  Once again a couple of drifters that we point into the right direction.  We cleared out a bus stop which was turned into a home by 4 people.  If this is not done, they can be hurt and their possessions taken.  Also they have no bins or toilet.  We all know where that can lead to?  They were asked to move to the police station, where it is a bit save.

Monate lounge was at it again.  The was some movement on the side entrance of Why Not café.

We ran into an individual just before 1’o clock, who was very angry at us,  according to him we are patrolling at the wrong place!  He apparently was almost robbed by 8 guys in the main road and we are patrolling between the houses. His “french”  was pretty good on how we should do our work.  We always invite those that say we do a crappy job and see how they found it?

Friday 4 September 2015

fri4septWe on patrol again tonight.  No major incidences.  We did manage to assist one of our neighbours who got stranded on the N1.  We made sure he got home safely.  We ran into three men, one wheeling a wheely bin.  Upon asking what he is doing with the bin, he replied he was going to empty it, like we believed that?  He was instructed to return the bin which was only 40 meters away.  That means we just stopped a wheely bin thief!

The Monate lounge was up to its tricks again.  We could only do what we normally do and ask the people to comply.  The “security guard” they employed, said the people do not want to listen to him.  The rest of the evening went without any major events,  caught a couple of “Parked vehicles”, then we signed off.

Saturday 29 August 2015


Tonight was all out bike patrol.  Ran into a person who had to much to drink.  was  calmed down and pointed in the right direction after he became hostile.  Sometimes or rather one cannot argue with a person under the influence. Just try to guide him into safety.

Also encountered to suspicious persons who just walked through our neighbourhood. Monate Lounge was at it again.  The rest of the evening it was pretty quiet, except when we encountered a person walking his dog after 1am in the morning and usual he was as clever as can be.

Friday 28 August 2015


Well, our bike squad was back in action with a support vehicle driven by me.  It really was not nice being able to join them because I had a cold 🙁


The patrol was ok, ran into usual suspects, couple of kids standing on street corners.  Removed them and things at Monet lounge is starting to get out of hand again.

22 August 2015


Tonight we were fortunate enough to have more than one vehicle patrolling. We covered pretty much the whole the neighbourhood. The one vehicle stopped at 1, did a member exchanged and continued in vehicle no 2 until 3:20 am.

We with the assistance of the police once again made a turn by Monate lounge, getting the people to abide by the rules. They drink next to signs that says no drinking. They urinate under signs that says no urination. It seems when they are drunk they cannot read and cannot wait to relief themselves where ever they find a standing place away from a crowd. Even if it is three meters away from the crowd.


21 August 2015


We were patrolling again this weekend and with the cooperation with police and neighbourhood watch members of sector 1 we cleaned up alongside the N1.  We cleared out a space where people use to pack “tik” in distribute it.  We found evidence of tik bags which they use to pack the tik to be sold. Below is some pics.

After the cleansing ceremony we returned to our respective neighbourhood watches and continued our patrol for the night.

The neighbourhood was pretty quiet except when we ran into a well known culprit who was apparently stabbed. He refused to go to the hospital, but wanted a ride with us. As neighbourhood watch we cannot drive people around. We can however call the police to take you where ever you want to go.

August 8 & 9

We had a pretty quiet weekend except for a fire on Sunday Morning round about 1:30 am.  It was not sure how it was started, but the lack of a house pipe did not really help the situation.  One of our members manage with the assistance of one of the occupants manage get it under control until the fire brigade showed up.

We patrolled the whole neigbourhood as usual.  We stopped two guys with a shopping cart and claim that they don’t have anything illegal.  Well this is what we found.

weaponsA sharpened half of a garden scissor, A sharpened hinge, srewdriver and bottle opener.


July 10

My GPS system left me in the lurge 🙁  The last time distance patrolled was checked it was 43.2 km. I was able to recover some of the data 🙂


Once done patrolling I ran out of battery power.  I guess with all the excitement of the patrol I forgot to fully charge my device.

We, nether the less had a good patrol without any major incidents.

We came across a water leak where the meter reader was removed. The city sent Henry to fix it and a fine job he did.

waterWe assisted an old man on a Vuka who were apparently were robbed and possessions taken. They also took his keys.

We accompanied him to one of the member’s houses where we tried a car key which worked and he was very happy to be mobile again.

We ran into Kraaifontein Patrols several times.  They are not a neighbourhood watch, but try to keep Kraaifontein safe.  They are operating all on their own and is not affiliated to the Belmont Neighbourhood watch.


Well, I didn’t do as much patrolling as I wanted to, but we did participate in an operation organised by the Brackenfell Police station.

It involved several neighbourhood watches in the area as well as Capital Security who provided extra support to the Police and Neighbourhood watches.

Check out Events for pics.

May 29

29mayIt was a rainy wet Friday; Stopping us form taking out our bikes.  I guess some people actually liked it.  Who wants to patrol in this cold and wet weather?

The cold did not stop us, so we went out by car.  The Neigbourhood was pretty quiet.  No incidents at all.  We got our normal people doing their “walk abouts”

May 16

patrolafterAfter the Joint Operation in which included patrolling in Scottsville, Scottsdene, Windsor Park, Bonnie Brae, Belmont Park and Northpine; we continued the patrol in our Neighbourhood.

Our patrol went without any incident.  We encountered a few individuals walking home with stick or gholf stick which they say is for protection in case they are the victim of a robbery.

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May 15


The rain stopped us from taking out our bikes 🙁

We then took out the car and went away on our business of patrolling.  We did however went to SAPS in Kraaifontein to meet the officers on patrol for the night.  The whole idea behind this was so that the officers can meet the neighbourhood watch of Belmontpark.

The patrol itself went without incident.  We encountered the normal issues.  People walking in light drizzle coming from work or going to friends etc.  We accompanied a person to safety for which he was very grateful.  It seems they appreciate us 🙂

Thing is, if people appreciate us, come and join us.  It is fun patrolling.  Knowing you are making a different in insuring that our neighbourhood is. Also you start to know the people and also you know what to do in difficult situations, heaven forbid they should come up.

We encountered a few cars.  Seems people find private spots in total dark corners for romantic interludes.  The problem with that is, that it is not safe to do so. Talking to the people looking for their romantic interludes, does not stop them looking for another spot.

We also encountered a suspicious Isuzu bakkie who seems to be lost looking for a friend.  After talking to them and confirmed they were not out to some “mischief” we let them to the friend, but not without making sure the fried do know them and that the “friend” is safe 🙂

The rest of the night was fairly quiet with the rain drizzling down softly 🙂

May 9


We Patrolled on Saturday after the walk through Scottsville and Scottsdene.  The neighbourhood was once again very peaceful. The usual suspects were not following the rules again.

We encountered an attempted burglary. Once the perpetrators saw our lights they fled the scene. It was two African males. The once dove into the neighboring house’s yard, while the other ran over a field.

The one that dove into the yard proceeded to jump across the fence into the next house. We gave chase but he disappeared after running into a house, whose gate was open. He must have jumped the fence again, because after we entered there was no one to be found except for another fence that he might have jumped over. The worst part was that the owners were quite unaware of this; even the dog didn’t give chase.

May 2

satmay2Our patrol started out with one Vehicle and later another vehicle joined in the patrol. The night was pretty quiet except for the people at a shop misbehaving. We did put a stop to it with the help of the local Police.

May 1

fri0105We started out patrol tonight with a car. Weather seems to be getting colder and a bit nippy.

We patrolled the area as usual and did not ran into major problems. The people at Club Monate was again up with their tricks. Drinking in public etc.

We encountered a group of teens about ten or more. Their party plans didn’t work out as they have planned and was making alternate plans on the street corner. The site of a group that size together was a bit overwhelmed. Looked like they were up to mischief it ended up that they were not.

We also encountered a lone ranger patrolling his street. He got fed up of the burglaries. We said we will be on the lookout as well. We asked him to join the neighbourhood watch. What people should realise, is that more members we have the longer we can patrol. We will have different teams which will then patrols at different times. In doing so we can extend our visibility and make it difficult for the would be perpetrators to operate in our neighbourhood.

So people If you read this, come and JOIN us and let us make a difference!


April 25

sat25aprilWe patrolled again with our bikes and it was fun.  We did not have our full compliment of members present, but that did not stop us from patrolling.  The neighbourhood was pretty quiet though.

We did stop a youth who had illegal drugs on him.

We cycled around the neighbourhood, ran into the usual people walking a round or passing through the neighbourhood.

April 18



We were patrolling with two Vehicles.

The one Vehicle partially joined the Joint operation with Saps and Capital Security.  With their help we went to visit a problematic business where under aged children were hanging out and drinking alcohol.  With the help of the police Captain and Capital security we talked to the business and they closed for the night.

The other Vehicle went on with patrol through our neigbourhood.  Except for one incident, we encountered with a new face in our neighborhood, the neighbourhood were fairly quiet.


April 11

sat14The car patrol was in action again and I joined them.

No real incidents except on the first turn we made we ran into an eight year starting his own little bonfire on the sidewalk in the main road.  As we approached him he darted away.

We ran into “The other patrol” twice.  Just to add that “The other patrol” is not Belmont Park Neighbourhood watch.  They are completely on their own and whatever mishaps is caused by them can and should not be associated with us (Belmont Park NHW)

The night was fairly quiet.  The customers of Monet lounge was enjoying their drinks in public, but we addressed that and they all seem to very apologetic and decided to take their liquor off the street.

April 4

sat0404Yes, we back on the bikes again 🙂

Our bike squad was up and started patroling again.  After a couple of minor bike adjustments we were back in the saddle again.  Our chairperson also joined in our patrol.

Everything was pretty quite. Everyone was following the rules.  Either that, or they were all away for Easter weekend.

We encountered a person on a field in 10 th avenue, but he seem to be staying nearby.

We encountered a young man who apparently was kicked out cos of his drinking habits.  Please people take it slow.  Consider the other people as well and do not be disrespectful.

Around 12:50am we encountered a lady on a dark corner waiting for her “Brother”. We asissted as far as we can.  Just remember do not wait on a dark corner for your lift.  She claimed that if she stood by the garage where it is well lit. She will be robbed.

Around 1:30 am we encountered an illegal occupation of two  neighbouring neigbourhoodwatch groups patrolling our neighbourhood.  It is a set rule that no other neighbourhoodwatch group can patrol a neighbourhood without getting permission from the coordinator of the Neighbourhood watch which they are illegally patrolling.

Also note that all neighbourhood watch members should have a positive identification that they are in fact of that particular neighbourhood.  There are cases that the outside neighbourhood watch patrol are illegally searching and even assaulting suspects.

Belmontpark Neighbourhood watch DOES NOT condone that!!

Found this patroller’s guide online.

April 3

fri0704We were planning on patrolling with the bicycles again, but unfortunately some of our bike squad members were not feeling so well and others were enjoying a nice long Easter weekend. That did not stop us from patrol our neighbourhood 🙂

We assisted a lady jump starting her car.  Ran into our normal culprits which we searched for weapons.

We confiscated a knife from a new face we have not encountered before in our neighbourhood.  He said he was from Fisantekraal and was on his way to Fisantekraal.

Just after 12:05 am on Saturday morning an accident occurred practically right in front of us. The car reeked with alcohol and a lot of broken liquor bottles was found in the car.  We stopped a passing police van and called the ambulance. Four of the occupants were taken to the hospital in the ambulance the Fifth one disappeared in the other car which we think were also involved.  They were apparently racing each other when the accident happened.

After accident ordeal, we went on with patrol, running into a couple regulars coming from clubs and “skarreling”.

March 21

finsat21On Saturday we patrolled with 7 bicycles and a supporting vehicle.

The night started out pretty quiet until we ran into a couple of rowdy club goers.  They became worst and was pretty unfriendly towards us.  But when seven bikes converged on the scene with lights flickering and a support vehicle the tone of the clubbers quickly changed.  They agreed to leave the scene quietly and return to their homes.

As we patrolled we found ourselves in the dark. Literally in the dark.  The streetlights were out in several streets. It was so dark that you couldn’t even see your bike’s handle bar.  Well, we lit up the streets with with powerful torches and bicycle lights.

We contacting Fault Reporting by sending a sms to 31220.  After giving the location and the nature of the problem, we found the light came on again about 30 min later.

We ran into big problem of noise pollution as the “guests” at Cafe whats up was partying and being very inconsiderate of the neighbours and public. However, the owner did cooperate in cleaning up the empty beer bottles and tins that was thrown on the sidewalk.  Also the noise level was brought down considerably.  One have to remember that it is not legal to drink in public. The reason one sees people sometimes drink in public is that the bylaw prohibiting drinking in public is not always enforced.

We encountered the same green vehicle again at the Engen petrol station.  According to the attendants the owner of the vehicle is aware that the vehicle is there and that it will be fetched soon.

The night became very quiet except for a couple of “skarrelers” and prostitute which we sent home.

March 20

frifinalThe Patrol started out without incident.  Ran into a couple of stragglers, but nothing serious.  We didn’t have a support vehicle, but it didn’t stop out form carrying out our duties as neighbourhood watch.

Just before 11pm we encountered a very suspicious vehicle.  With the help of the police we were able to clear the vehicle, however the vehicle had am extra set of number plates in its boot.  The occupants behaved pretty suspicious on our first approach.  Note to all.  When the neigbourhood watch approach you, do not swear at us and ask us to go do something else with our lives!  We try our best with the joint cooperation of SAPS to make sure that our neigbourhood is safe and drug free.

We ran into a couple teenagers at the Engen petrol station.  They did not belong to our neighbourhood and we ask them to leave, which they did without any problems.  We don not see the point in wandering around after 12 am in a neighbourhood, where you do not know anyone.  Most of the times, people walking around so late at night are those who cause trouble.  Occasionally one ran into rowdy youngsters on their way home from a club.

We came across a suspicious green vehicle at the Engen garage.  They apparently came from Durbanville and ran out of petrol. (Running out petrol and you are at petrol station – very interesting indeed.)

The night was pretty quiet after that.

March 14


We patrolled with Bikes (Bike1’s map) and the Car again.

We ran into youths that was making use of the public area as a place of fornication.  As usual they were very upset that we were disturbing them.

Encountered a lonely lady near Van der Bijl and 9th avenue, apparently on her way to her boyfriend which was very suspect, but she gave her cooperation and went on her way out of the neighbourhood.

On corner of Voortrekker and station road we encountered another young lady also apparently on her way to her boyfriend and a couple of “Skarrelers” (People walking around and picking up things they can use or sell).

We encounter people that always walk around with a stick, golf club which they us as protections against people who might want to rob them.  Why people would walk around in the early morning hours I do not know. I guess only they do.  We as neighbourhood watch try to keep the neighbourhood safe, but there is only so much we can do.

We ran into a rowdy lady in Lincoln street who had a bit too much to drink and was drinking in the street and swearing at us, but after we explained why it is illegal to drink alcohol on street, she was very apologetic and ask for our no etc., so she can contact the neighbourhood watch if she sees anything suspicious etc.

Round about 12:06 am we ran into a serious situation involving a known prostitute and a couple of teenagers.  The prostitute allegedly tried to rob them and it got out of hand by them attacking and chasing her around the block.  We managed to resolve the situation.

The night went on without any further incidents.  A pretty quiet night. Just the way we like our neighbourhood to be 🙂

March 13

Friday13We patrolled with Bikes as well as a Vehicles.

We removed quite a few youth in the house in Fourth Avenue.  An old lady was not impressed with us removing and asking the children to go home.  Primary school children came out of the house.  With the help of the police one of them was returned to his home.  Under aged children should not hang out with elderly children, especially that time of night, It can only lead to mischief and trouble.

The problem areas was surprisingly quiet.  We did not get any problems from them.  It seems like the Owner from the Monate lounge is bringing his side in trying to keep his customers in line.

The night was pretty quiet.  No incidents at all 🙂

February 28

sat28acOur patrol started out without any incident.  We patrolled our normal route until we ran into four youths.  Two of them were cooperative when we spoke to them about being so late on the road.  However the other two not so much.  After verbally abusing us, and the one through a brick at a member we called in the police.  We kept an eye on them (following them while they were running away) until the police were able to pick them up.

We ran into major problems at the Monate lounge in 3rd Avenue.  Once again people were drinking in public, and making use of the street as a toilet.  We were able to clean up the street, to dismay of some of the clubbers who were told to get off the street and drink inside the club.  The clubbers have the tendency to start their own party in the parkinglot with loud music and liquor.

After that the night after this took a very calm nature except for a car parked in public with indecent behaviour on the part of the car’s occupants.

We encountered a rowdy person that didn’t want to leave a party that was over.  With our help the silence was restored to that neigbourhood.

Patrol February  27


February 20 – 22

This weekend we had our first patrol on Bicycles. It is a first in the history of our neigbourhood Watch.


The bike patrol had the backup of the whole team.


Below is the area that we covered on out Bicycles


Patrol on February 14

We patrolled on Saturday night during load shedding. We encountered a couple of problems.  Firstly people need to remember that it is not safe parking a car in a remote area to continue with a romantic interlude.  You can be robbed, hijacked and who knows what else?

Under age children sitting in the dark after ten is also not cool.  It is unsafe.  Parents if you read this, please do not let your children sit in the park in total darkness, although the park is next to your house!

With joint operation with the police we were able to help apprehend a trolley bin thief and a thief stealing cables and lights from a school.  So If you see someone walking about minding his own business pulling a bin, chances are pretty good, that that bis was taken without permission.  During patrol of our neighbourhood, we make a point of also covering your house in our patrol and shine our spotlight on your house 🙂 Below is a diagram of our Saturday patrol during the load shedding.


Friday the 13th.


FootPatrol on Friday 6 February 2015


We also patrols on Wednesday mornings.

Below is some of the tools that was confiscated from individuals walking around at night.


Please note that the gun is not a real gun, but it looks like the real thing. Complete with removable magazine and cocking action.  Any victim will think it is the real thing.

Who will walk around at night with a bolt cutter?

This is not what we want for our neigbourhood. That is why we need to stand together and stomp out the crime, by being on the lookout and inform the police of any crime or would be crime that is about to take place.